Here are more photographs of the grounds at Filoli Gardens. I used my wide angle zoom lens to shoot the first 3 pictures above. The contrast in the colors with the yellow tulips and lavender flowers is pretty.

The 2nd photo shows the swimming pool. I went to Filoli Gardens at the invitation of good friends. My friends grew up visiting these gardens since their grandfather was a chef for the residents. My friends swam in this swimming pool as children. It was a luxury for the friends to spend an afternoon at this estate. The good memories are relived when they return to visit this garden.

In the 3rd photograph, it almost looks like the gardens are endless. I could have spent a lot more time walking and shooting photographs at Filoli Gardens.

The last photo is interesting with all the green moss growing on the circular container surrounded by the potted bright orange tulips.

The gardens were beautiful when I visited. But if you go on Mother’s Day, there will be an abundance of flowers on display. In the mansion, each room is filled to the max with beautiful arrangements. Filoli Gardens has a wonderful display of flowers that any mother would appreciate.

Hope you will consider spending precious time with your mom and treat her to an afternoon at Filoli Gardens to celebrate her.

Link to Filoili Gardens