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I am fortunate to have watched the Giants at Candlestick Park, AT&T Park, Pac Bell Park, and now Oracle Park.

I went thru my photographs to compare the different Scoreboards at really the two ballparks.

Interesting to note – Candlestick Park’s scoreboard was simple. It did not display all the information that we see today. It may have been wider with the advertisements. The baseball stats were compacted into the space.

Pacific Bell Park’s scoreboard was probably the same as the AT&T’s scoreboard. The Pacific Bell Park sign is on the bottom of the scoreboard.

Did you notice there is an added structure surrounding and above the same San Francisco Giants clock where the signage for AT&T Park was displayed? There are a bunch flags waving on the top also.

Oracle Park’s new scoreboard is bigger. It looks like they added to the top structure for advertisements and got rid of the old name. The flags are still waving on top. They also added more advertisement on the side light posts. By moving the advertisement to peripherals, it provides more space in the center to nicely display the stats.

So which scoreboard do you prefer comparing the scoreboards thru the years? Hopefully the SF Giants will dominate in their scoring this season.