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Here is the huge cross that is on top of Mount Davidson in San Francisco. It is an amazing cross where worshipers come annually to celebrate the resurrection of Christ! This year, 500 people are expected to attend an early sunrise service at this cross. It is only lit up on Easter and on April 24th – the Armenian Genocide Memorial Day.

The Cross is also a memorial for the victims of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 as the above sign indicates. The Council of Armenian-American Organizations of Northern California – is the legal owner of the monument Cross.

What is the true meaning of the Cross as we celebrate Easter 2019? It represents the unjust crucifixion of a man – Jesus Christ. He was not just an ordinary man but also the Son of God. His death was an injustice. He was not a criminal. He committed no crimes. He was whipped, tortured, and humiliated. He hung on the cross and sacrificed Himself for the sins of the world.

The Armenian people remembered by this cross also suffered injustice and died without cause.

Link to learn about the Armenian Genocide

We celebrate Easter for the resurrection of Christ! He is risen, and we can be glad to know any of the Armenian people who suffered in the genocide and identified with Jesus Christ, are safe with Him.

This is the Hope we can celebrate this Easter. Forgiveness of sins may seem impossible. But Christ made all things possible which appeared impossible.

The Cross reminds us of our eternal Hope in the midst of the turmoil around our world.