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Recently, I went to another one of the bad games at Oracle Park where the SF Giants lost big time. 

As my custom, I went early to take pictures of the stadium. I went roaming around the peripheral of the stadium and shot these photographs.

It is pretty amazing to me how they switched the front signage from AT&T Park to Oracle Park so quickly. But I guess since Oracle paid a pretty penny for their long term naming rights for the stadium, it is a small drop in the bucket to quickly change all the signs to the new name.

It is pretty nice how this stadium provides a free viewing area for fans to casually watch the SF Giants play for a short time.

So what is the warning at Oracle Park? I took a picture of the warning – “Watchout for all flying objects not limited to baseballs and bats”. I thought this was pretty amusing and never noticed this sign previously.

This is a good warning when hanging out around the Arcade area since it is a prime area for our friendly seagulls to fly around. 

It is always a good idea generally to this about the warning signs given to us in life. Nobody wants to be hit with an unexpected bomb on our heads. Any hints we can notice in life to help us avoid a bad occurrence is worth noting – whether in our relationships, business transactions, or health issues. 

Heeding warnings in life to avoid problems can also help us focus on the positive aspects of life – like “We Are SF We are Giant” seen on top of the High Wall and Arcade Section. 

Go Giants!