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Have you ever spent time looking at the statue of “The Say Hey Kid”?

Often times, we are focused on getting into the stadium and to our seats. We are excited of the prospect of the SF Giants winning. We are thinking about what we will eat or drink during the game. Or maybe we want to go to the Dugout store to see the new gear we could purchase.

Next time, take time and look at Willie May’s statute.

It is interesting to see what the plaque says on the statue –
“One of baseball’s most colorful and exciting stars excelled in all phases of the game”

Willie Mays’ accomplishments are amazing.

I love the expression on his face. He is smiling and looking up. You can see how he just hit a ball and is looking at where it flew.

Maybe this is how we should approach life. We may not be able to hit multiple home runs. What are we trying to accomplish in life? What are our goals? Do we have goals? We should create goals that make us smile with hope.

Can we try to smile and look up to accomplish something which would be beneficial to our world? Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish with your goals.

Willie Mays’ smile inspires us to hope!