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About a week ago, we went to a scheduled appointment for a Warriors ticket sales presentation at the new Chase Center offices.

We were not sure what to expect and or what they would show us.

The Warriors Representative led us to a huge room. We saw a large map of the area to illustrate the means of transportation to be available to get to the new Warrior Stadium. The new venue will also be used for entertainment events. Bart and Muni will be probably be the most popular ways to get to the Chase Center. There will be a shuttle from downtown. Also there will be a ferry that will dock near the stadium. And yes there will be an area for Uber and Lift drivers to drop off folks.

There was a nice display of each of the trophies, pendants and rings from the past victories of the Warriors. Everything was in a case or frame.

It was so nice the representative was able to let us try on the rings. Our friend got the good idea to ask to try on all 3 of the championship rings at one time.  They are pretty big and heavy.  This was a big highlight for us during our visit.

There is also a huge model of the stadium. It provides a good visual aid to see how the seating will be.

After we completed playing and looking at the memorabilia in the big room, we were led to a mock suite room. The room we went to sit in closely resembles the picture in the below link.  After walking past the dining area, there were 3 small rows of comfortable seats. The representative showed us various views of available seats to buy season tickets and the different pricing.

Chase Center Suite

Before we went to the presentation, we had lunch at SF Kabobs. It was a great meal. We ordered the Combo Platter for $22.95 for the 2 of us to share. The lamb, beef and chicken were all delicious. Also if you go in the evening to eat, the parking in the lot is free.

SF Kabab at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus

The Warriors Representative mentioned there will be lots of different restaurants inside and surrounding the new Chase Center. We were already happy eating at SF Kabab before our appointment.

It looks like to buy a regular ticket to attend a Warriors game will not be much difference in price than what we experienced at Oracle. We are looking forward to watching the Warriors at the new Chase Center and eating the good food in the area.

If you have a chance to go for a visit, try on the 3 Warriors Championship Rings at the Chase Center.