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Our family went on a road trip 2 years ago and saw the sign to go to the Area 51 Alien Center. We had to stop. My brother and I enjoy a fascination about Area 51. This Alien Center is close to the freeway. So it was not a big detour as other Alien 51 attractions.

We went inside to explore. This was a fun store to see the various alien souvenirs to purchase. As usual, I can usually find something interesting to buy. I bought an Area 51 Security baseball cap. I also found a poster warning about the restrictions to stay out of Area 51.

Currently, anonymous users behind a Facebook page proposed a group invasion of Area 51. The Urban legend about Area 51 makes us all curious whether the Nevada US Air Force Facility is the location of extraterrestrial studies. Supposedly there are 1.4 million people who RSVP’d to invade Area 51. The invasion is scheduled on September 20.

I did not RSVP for this event.

Why such fascination with Area 51? We all want to believe there are other life forms outside our planet. We spend large amounts of time watching sci-fi movies. Disney has just opened the Star Wars land, and I admit I am excited to go.

I think we are fed up with all our earthly problems and want to find a place to run and escape. So we want to believe that Area 51 has the answers.

Maybe we need to look at ourselves to see how we could contribute to help solve our planet’s problems as well as our individual difficulties.