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When was the last time you went hiking? My wife asked me when was the last time that we went hiking. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since we went hiking.
Reflecting on our hike at Peek-A-Boo canyon reminds me what we are missing.

Our hike at Peek-A-Boo Canyon was a wonderful time we spent with our family.
My parents worked hard to plan the details of our hikes and the itinerary for our road trip.

We were amazed at the colors of the canyon. There were only a few groups of hikers. Being alone in canyon allowed us to appreciate its beauty. We did not need to be worried about being in a crowd of tourists, which was our experience visiting Antelope Canyon. In a quiet atmosphere, we could focus on the pretty view in front of us.

This quiet time provided peace and calmness. Our hike allowed us to enjoy the coral colors and to appreciate the canyon’s variations of patterns.

As mentioned in our previous post, our tour guide tossed up the sand dust to give the ghostly image with the sunlight in the canyon.

Our world is complicated with work, family and social activities. Stress exists with our country’s politics as well as natural catastrophes – i.e. tornadoes or hurricanes. Hiking and enjoying nature’s art calms us in the midst of turmoil.

Creating a nature oasis at home is also a way to create calm and peace. Put up photographs of nature to divert our attention to real colors and pretty scenery.

Nature gives peace!