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I was fortunate to be at this game in April 2019 where Bruce Bochy was honored surrounded by the SF Giants players.

Bruce Bochy is the best. I appreciate his leadership these past years. He truly will be missed. He earned the respect of his team! We will miss his leadership and baseball experience.

Why do I love Bruce Bochy? He has led the SF Giants to 3 World Series Championships with his wisdom and experience. He has 41 years of experience in professional baseball. He learned how to bring out the best in his players as a manager. In his younger days, he hit .239 with 26 home runs. He continued to build on his talents and knowledge during the years.

After he ended his baseball career, he started managing in the minor leagues before moving to manage the San Diego Padres. He worked hard to become the manager he is today. He is direct and knows how to push the players to achieve results.

Bruce Bochy’s career teaches us how each of us needs to continue to work and evolve in whatever career and passions we have.

We all have unique talents. Do we see a pattern in our life where we are achieving small goals to reach our next big goal? If we are not achieving small goals, can we evaluate why we may be failing? Can we adjust and change our game plan?

Bruce Bochy constantly works on adjusting the SF Giants game plan to seek wins.

How can we adjust our game plan for success? Persistence in gaining skills and wisdom is a continual practice.

Learn from Bruce Bochy and keep building to achieve more knowledge and experience.