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Bruce Bochy is close to his players and is very popular among them. He has their respect, and they really want to make a run at the post season for his last year managing the SF Giants.

This photograph was taken at the SF Giants Home Opener. Bruce Bochy had the honor to throw out the first pitch of the game. Pablo Sandoval caught the pitch. After Pablo caught the pitch, he and Bruce gave each other a good hug.

A good team requires an effective leader who knows his players. Bruce Bochy knows his players – their weaknesses and their strengths. He knows how to coach the players to overcome their weaknesses. He knows how to create an atmosphere where the SF Giants can work together to win!

We all are a part of at least one team. Our team could be our family or our work group. A team could be a particular group of friends. At the very least, we are a part of the planet earth team. We need to learn how to connect with others on a personal level. Social media – i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram provide a level of interaction. But it cannot substitute with one on one interaction where we actually see a someone face to face. How well do we know people on “our team”.  Do we make people we encounter comfortable or uncomfortable due to the vibes we give out? Are you a resource where people will come to you for comfort and help?

Can we learn how to connect with others to help them become better? Can we learn to be a coach like Bruce Bochy to help someone reach their potential?