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Welcome to the beautiful Rolling Ridge retreat and Conference Center in North Andover, MA.

Here is the link to Rolling Ridge

Fall Foliage is right around the corner. Anticipating the color changes in the leaves gets me very excited. I love seeing the transformation of leave colors and capturing the different patterns. Every fall leaf is unique in the array of colors.

I traveled to Lake Cochichewick in the fall a couple of years ago. As seen in my photograph, my timing to see the changed colors in the leaves was off.

But I do love the tall trees with the shadow projections on the ground. The green trees have their own glow in front of the lake. At the time of this photograph, the trees will be changing colors later.

Reflecting on this photograph reminds us how life is full of changes. No matter how much we want life to remain the same, life continues to evolve for better or worse. But as these trees stand tall and beautiful with their shadows, so we should learn to stand in the same way even when change is inevitable.

Let’s learn a lesson from the trees at Lake Cochichewick in Massachusetts to stand strong to face life changes to become our best.