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I am a California guy where our fall foliage is not as extensive. I am always anxious to travel to some place where saturated multi-colored fall foliage is an annual event.

A couple of years ago, I traveled to visit a good friend back east. We took a day trip to New Hampshire.

This tree trunk almost looks endless as it ascends up into the sky. I am curious how many colors could be in this multi-colored natural painting. The array of colors, shapes and patterns is a wonderful natural art.

I could have laid on the ground and kept staring at this natural display.

Often times we are racing thru our day doing work, taking care of responsibilities and the daily necessities of life.

Can we at least once a week take time to look up and around to see the natural art in our environment? Fall foliage is coming. Don’t miss out on this natural art which is always unique.