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Welcome to the Trans-Canada Highway in Ontario, Canada. It was exciting to see the Fall Colors in the hills when I traveled there in 2014.

We visited my wife’s relatives in Sault Ste. Marie. This was our second experience to see this panorama of color. We never saw such a beautiful site at home. Fall foliage does not happen in California with these variety of colors.

My wife’s cousins were the perfect hosts to take us around this area, so we could see the diversity of colors. I was driven to shoot lots of pictures to capture the different scenes. Our cousins encouraged me to do “something” as a photographer.

This trip was a turning point for me. I returned home, and my wife found a coffee shop to show my photographs. I also remembered I had a collection of photographs of Candlestick Park which were in storage. I realized those photographs could be valuable since Candlestick Park was demolished. I also started this blog to show my photos.

As we travel on our life highway, there are multiple turning points to lead us to our future destiny. Can we be flexible to take the quick turns or the high hills to follow where we are led? I am not sure where my journey is going to. But I am learning it is important to try and seek new steps to continue my journey.

Just make sure to enjoy the pretty scenery traveling down the road of life.