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We went to the Palm Springs area a few years ago. Normally we think of Palm Springs as an area of golf courses, desert, and senior citizens.

We visited the Living Desert which was interesting to see the different species which live in this area.

I have always loved butterflies. When I was a boy, I captured butterflies and studied them. I love the detailed pattern of their wings.

I raised Anise Swallowtail caterpillars indoors by feeding them wild Anise plants that grew in our yard. The caterpillars grew fairly fast and metamorphosed into pupa. When the butterflies emerged from the pupa shell, I released them into the yard and it was cool to see them fly away.

The Queen Butterfly is larger than a regular monarch. This species of butterflies (male and female) have multiple generations per year.

Wikipedia link for info about the Queen Butterfly

I used my Canon 70-200mm f2.8 lens to take these photographs.  You have to be quick to take photographs of these flying butterflies. I shot multiple photographs to capture the correct position of the butterfly. Imagine what could be the perfect picture of the butterfly. Then attempt to follow the butterfly to gain that photo.

Photography requires patience and perseverance to get that “Perfect” shot.

Keep looking for beauty in nature which is often right under our “nose”.