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These badgers are interesting to watch. As per the description at the Living Desert in Palm Desert, the badgers prefer being alone other than during their mating time. It is also interesting, the badgers are respected in the animal kingdom.

We all would like respect from other people. But instead our lives are interrupted by “our” people – family, boss, co-workers or friends. They may not mean to interrupt   whatever we are doing or irritate us. But life is about interruptions and irritations. People may pester us with requests, questions or habits.

I like this warning to not harass, pester or badger the badger, otherwise there could be consequences for a person’s safety.

How many of us feel we need to wear this sign as a warning to other people when we are stressed by constant interruptions and pestered – justified or not.  The badger’s instinct is to defend himself if he is “badgered”.

How should we handled getting badgered? Do we feel we are being pushed into a corner? Is there a civilized way we can defend ourselves from serious harassment? For the normal irritations, interruptions and pestering, can we just roll with the badgering and find a calm response?

How about retreating to our corners, breathe and pray to find those calm responses? Putting up a sign – “Don’t Badger the Badger” might help too.