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The color contrast is amazing looking up at the Golden Orange leaves of a Sugar Maple tree in front of a sparkling clear cyan sky on a warm fall day on the Hub Trail. It was mid September in 2014 as we were visiting family in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

My wife had never been to this trail during her previous visits to the Soo. Fortunately, since I am a photographer, her cousins led us to this wonderful area.

We do not see Fall colors like this in California. This is why I went crazy shooting photographs during this trip. I fell in love with this Canadian Fall scenery.

Shooting these pretty fall photos is important. These scenes are one time events. They will never occur quite the same way again.

When shooting pictures, look for scenes with contrasting colors. This will make the photograph almost seem unreal. When you look at my photos, you can be assured I did not tamper with these colors. I like “real”. So I did not alter the contrasting colors at all. These colors are real.

As I review these pictures, it has renewed my love for Autumn. I am contemplating to return to the Soo to see what new fall scenes I can capture in my photography.

This is what I love about photography. It never gets old since there are always new scenery to appreciate and capture.

How about finding a pretty Autumn scenery and shoot lots of photographs to find the amazing color contrasts of this season. Or maybe you can join me at the Hub Trail in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to witness the changing Fall colors.