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My wife’s relatives took us on a great road trip on the Trans-Canada Highway from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The morning started off overcast and foggy with a lot of moisture in the air.  It was nice we could just pull off the road to explore. We found this clear lake showing the reflection of the red trees.

I love this photo since it shows off the bright red trees in the center of the green trees. The bright red trees stand out in the midst of the green and foggy sky. The contrasting colors emphasizes the differences between the trees and the white sky.

Sometimes we want to stand out in the midst of others. For example, we want to stand out when applying for that exciting job opportunity. We want to be noticed for our skills and talents. We want to be chosen to go a particular university and strive to write an exceptional essay and get high SAT scores. Or maybe we desire to be outstanding in our sports abilities to play on a team or to do well in a marathon race.

How can we stand out in the midst of a crowd? Striving to be the “brightest” is an honorable goal. If we are seeking our true passion, then our brightness will shine and be reflected in our achievements.