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This photograph was taken at a river off of the King’s Highway 129, commonly referred to as Highway 129, is a provincially maintained highway in the Canadian province of Ontario. My wife’s cousin took us to this location as she is very familiar with this area.

One of the things I love about photography is capturing unique scenes like this one. It was truly an adventure to go hiking and shooting photos during this trip. This pattern is so interesting. It shows us how a random mixture of elements can still look interesting and attractive. It teaches me there are no absolutes on beauty. There are no standard recipes to create beauty.

Seeking adventure in life does not necessarily mean being a daredevil and trying to do dangerous feats. I am not a risk taker when it comes to physical activity. I will not venture into ocean waters. I will not try to do any sports that involves fast speeds or great upward heights.

But I do like exploring and seeking adventure in examining nature. You never know what you will find. The possibilities can be endless.

Finding art in nature is the best. When was the last time you went on an adventure? Finding this swirling foam pattern was an excellent discovery.

I plan to go on some future adventures soon. Stay tuned to see what other patterns in nature I discover.

As usual, I did not do any computer alterations to this photograph.

It is real, and is pretty remarkable!