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Here’s an interesting photograph from the Sault Ste Marie Area of Ontario, Canada. I love the variety of autumn leaves.

The variation of the jagged outlines are interesting as well as the vein patterns in the leaf.

One of the interesting things about photography is to enjoy the shadows in your images.

Shadows can give different shades of colors – you can search for my “Blue Aspen Tree” photos from Aspen, Colorado which show how the shadows and lighting transformed white colored bark Aspen trees to have a beautiful blue color.

Shadows give interesting images as in this leaf photograph. What do you see in this leaf and shadow photo? I see the “Beast’s” (from Beauty and the Beast) head on top right facing to the left. He’s looking at the post on the left.

So what does the Shadow know? I remember there was a show which had a saying – “Only the Shadow Knows”. I am not old enough to have ever listened to the radio show or watched the old TV show. But I googled to see what the saying meant. It refers to an avenger character known as “The Shadow”. The saying was “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?….The Shadow Knows!”. So perhaps the idea is with the darkness of a shadow, there can be evil.

But with photography, the shadow knows that dark and light can create beautiful images together. Explore taking photos including the shadows to see what can be seen with dark and light combination. See what colors and images can be derived when the shadows come into the light.

Info about “The Shadow”