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This photograph sums up the feeling of the Autumn season. It was taken on a warm afternoon in the Fall in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, on the Hub Trail. The Fall Colors were amazing and vibrant.

I am not a person who enjoys lying on the dirt ground and look up to the sky. But this view could compel me to do this.

It would be interesting if there is some sort of instrument that could inform us as to how many colors and hues there are in this fall display of color. It is fascinating to imagine the variation of shades and colors.

We often forget to look up and gaze up to the sky. We are missing out by not looking up and perhaps focusing too much on looking down at our circumstances and problems. If we spent more time just staring at the sky and scenery, we would realize just as there are a tremendous array of fall colors in this canopy, there could be an infinite number of possibilities for our life.