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Being a guy, I tend to wear “guy” colors – meaning dark and monotoned. I rarely wore bright colored shirts.

I am also Chinese. So “Red” is an important color in my culture. We wear it for our parents’ birthdays. We know it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. We give red envelopes to children during Chinese New Year’s and also for special occasions.

It is striking to take the bright red leaf with the dark background. I was randomly shooting the leave and found this ideal scene. Off setting the red and with the dark background highlights the bright colors. Also note how there is a slight brightness from the sun on the leaf. Too much light would give glare. There is just enough light to give a little glow.

The bright fall colors are enjoyable, before we face a dreary winter with the cold and wet weather. The contrast of seasons with the associated colors give us a good diversity. Without this diversity, we would not appreciate the bright reds and oranges of fall. We need this splash of brightness to commemorate and alert us to the changes in temperatures.

As mentioned in other blog posts, I do not alter the colors in my photographs. I do not brighten or enhance the colors. I enjoy the real colors as I see them in nature.

Being real is important. Hope this “real red” leaf photograph reminds us to be real and accept the natural changes in life.