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Where is a good place to experience fall? Living in San Francisco is not a good place to feel the fall season. We do not experience drastic temperature changes. We usually get Indian Summer and can get hot weather now.

I am not a expert on all locations for Fall. These leaves are interesting due to the multiple points in the leaves. Also these fall leaves have complimentary colors. They are not the typical fall colors.

When I visited Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, I noticed many of the leaves were more orange in color.

In Northern Ontario and Michigan, the leaves can be orange. But there are some deep bright red leaves. The redness is attributed to how much sugar there is in the maple tree.

Where is a good location to experience fall? The answer is – it depends. It seems there can be slight variations in the fall colors.

What fall colors do you love? My preference is the bright red leaves. I really like the deep red I see in Northern Ontario.

Let me know what are your favorite fall colors.