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We recently visited relatives in Northern Ontario. My wife’s cousin is a great artist who paints. See below a link to her website!

Susan Chow’s Website

It was great hearing her suggestions for my art, and hopefully we were able to give her suggestions for her art.

We enjoyed a great time exploring the beginnings of the fall foliage during our time in Canada.

We shared some of photographs we are selling on Etsy. She was amazed when she saw my Blue Aspen Tree Magnet Pin – photograph.

She had never seen this site. I photographed this image in Vail, Colorado a few years ago. We missed the true Fall Foliage colors when we visited. I was a little disappointed. But I learned that you never know what sites you will see.

We went hiking in the late afternoon and enjoyed the bare aspen trees. What was amazing was with the shadows and the setting sun on the the white aspen trees gave us the illusion of blue trees! I was so excited to capture this image.

What is more amazing is that Susan created this image in one of her paintings without ever really seeing this. So she was so excited to see the real photograph that I happened to shoot.

It was her goal to one day find this real photograph of Blue Trees. I’m just glad I was able to show her this photograph. Remember I do not alter my photographs. So my images are real and true!

What kind of images would you like to capture? Think about nature, and what you would like to see. Just like anything, we need to plan and envision what sites we would like to find and shoot. Since I love fall foliage, there are some shots I was hoping to find on my fall foliage expedition.

Finding that scenery for a particular shot is like going on a treasure hunt. It becomes so exciting when you actually find that shot in nature.

Stay tuned to see if I found the shots I was seeking in my last trip.

See below if you are curious to see my Blue Aspen Tree Photo Magnet Pin.

My Etsy Store – Aspen Blue Trees in the Shadows Photo Magnet Pin