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We traveled to the border of Michigan and Ontario, Canada. My mother-in-law was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, otherwise, known as “The Soo”. So my wife has relatives still in the Soo. After my wife and mother-in-law had completed a phone call with a relative from the Soo, I felt an urge to go back. My wife and I had been trying to decide where we should go for a week of vacation. We originally were thinking about Hawaii. But when I started to think about this quaint town and my first previous big fall foliage experience, I felt the need to return. I also wanted to visit my wife’s relatives, since we had not been back to visit for 5 years.

This leaf is in transition to becoming a bright red color. I love the interesting pattern of green and the orange red. This photo was taken in the Hiawatha Highlands located in the north east corner of the Soo. There was a luscious waterfall along side as we climb up the small hill. Fall foliage was in its beginning stages. It was still exciting to be there and experience the changes in the temperature and scenery.

The Soo is a small town where I love it’s scenic and quiet countryside. We wondered how my wife’s grandfather emigrated from China and ended up in the middle of Canada.  But I’m glad he did end up in the Soo. Otherwise,  I would not have found or fallen in love with this place.

The changing colors of the leaves reminds me also how our own lives are in constant change. When we returned to visit our relatives, we realized how we missed many of the aunties and uncles we visited previously. I appreciated the remaining relatives and knew I did not want to delay our visit.

Fall is wonderful time of change which I enjoy to see. I learned to embrace the changes in our lives and make the most of today with the people who are important to me. Our visit with our relatives gave me a refreshed attitude about my photography and ambitions. They were a blessing to us, and we treasure the time we spent together.

Fall reminds us change is a constant in our life. Make the most of today. Make time to visit those important people to experience our life changes together.