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It was a joy to watch the Blue Angels this past week at Fleetweek in San Francisco. Here was a modified diamond formation with Blue Angels #1, #2, #3, #4, and #7.

We enjoy watching the Blue Angels during the Friday rehearsals. It is less crowded which makes it enjoyable. Watching at Aquatic Park is a great location to watch the air show. We paid to watch the Blue Angels in the Marina. But I think the view at Aquatic Park is better.

I am always amazed how these planes can maneuver together so closely with such precision at high speeds. A lesson can be learned how individuals who have a common goal need to be united to work as one to move effortlessly to achieve.

What goal do you want to focus on? It is always better to be in a team to work together to achieve a goal. Working closely with good communication is the key to moving together as one.

Hope you can be reminded by this photo how a unified team makes it easier to obtain a goal.

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