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The precision and expert maneuvers by the Blue Angels during their air shows amazed me as I was shooting the Blue Angels at the San Francisco Fleet Week. How do these fighter planes move so close to each other and not collide or touch?

I appreciate the great skill and expertise of the Blue Angels every time I watch their shows. Their dedication to be the best is an inspiration to me.

How often do we feel discouraged about improving ourselves in a particular skill? For me – photography has evolved a lot from the beginnings of my career. Technology has greatly improved how photographs look. There are a variety of ways we can share our photos thru Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The internet has provided a different dimension in the way we see our world. Today’s world provides more ways we can express creativity.

I am striving to find my own road to perfect my photography expertise. This photograph reminds me not to give up on how to create my art.

Expertise takes time to develop. Keep striving to be your best at what you do.

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