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The Blue Angels flew in the Diamond Formation over San Francisco during Fleet Week 2019. It was fun to watch their perfect formation as we sat underneath. Looking up shows the silhouette of the planes – meaning the planes appeared darker against the lighter blue sky background. It is also cool to watch their white cloud exhaust as the planes are flying fast together.

This photograph shows the contrast between what appears to be the darker planes versus the lighter blue sky. We can appreciate the outline of the planes when we have this contrast.

Look for the contrasts between dark and light when you take your own photographs. The contrasts will make the objects you are shooting to stand out.

Darkness is not always bad when it can highlight the outline of the plane.

Seek contrast in life too! We cannot appreciate sweetness without experiencing the sour. I love the cold more after experiencing extremely hot temperatures. Feeling peaceful moments after a turbulent roller coaster type experience is a relief.

Appreciate contrast in your photos and in life!

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