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This photograph was taken at the top of Crystal Falls at Hiawatha Highlands in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. My wife’s cousins took us to this beautiful park. We hiked on a trail that ran parallel to Crystal Falls, where I saw some Red Sugar Maple Leaves near the trail at the top of the falls. My focus during this trip was to find these bright red leaves.

This leaf is not a perfectly symmetrical Red Sugar Maple Leaf. In our minds, we can see the the perfect points of the leaf gradually come down the side in an “A” slant. Then we can imagine each point has parallel corresponding point.

This leaf has been torn and broken apart randomly. I shot this leaf since I found it’s lack of asymmetry interesting. The holes and interesting shape is what I found attractive.

Can we accept ourselves with our imperfections – i.e. a funny shape or holes in our character? Does this mean we should be content and not strive for change to improve? No – Goals should be a constant in life.

Can we accept that who we are inside and out is good and can get better with work?

Photos Teach!