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These Red Sugar Maple Leaves had fallen off a tree and were resting on the ground. Notice the colorful bright red side of one leaf facing up and the duller side of another leaf on the left.

We were walking along this trail searching for bright red sugar maple leaves. My wife was noticing the lavender and pink colored leaves. She was thinking it was a different type of fall leaf. But in reality those colors were the reverse side of the bright red maple leaves.

These bright red leaves are my favorite. In this photo, we can see how much the red stands out. Even though this leaf has some holes and is not perfect in shape or color, it still looks unique and pretty. I love the various shading between darker hues and slight orange on the top right portion.

These double sided leaves represent how we all can have duplicity in our character. Do we project ourselves sometimes with the attractive bright personality? Are we always genuine in our concern or interest in other people? Are we more concerned in how we appear to people than show our true selves? In reality, are we hiding who we really are since it may not be very nice? Do we pretend to be someone that we really are not?

Since I can get angry over social injustice or a bad driver I encounter, I constantly try to pray about this problem. I strive to hide this angry side. My goal is to replace this anger with peace.

Consider how to unify a 2-sided persona into one whole person?

Photos Teach!