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It was great climbing up high at Candlestick Park before a SF Giants game and looking down at the field.  I loved going early before a game and avoid the crowd to freely roam around the stadium. I do not enjoy crowds, so it was fun to enjoy the Stick before the fans arrived.

Looking down from the high advantage point to see the entirety of the stadium is always a great way to shoot no matter what you are aiming to capture. I always like the plaid and stripe patterns on the field. The classic red chairs were always a favorite of mine.

This is a good reminder how we all need to get to higher ground and look at the entirety of our life. Can we reflect to see the wide spectrum of our life – our relationships with spouse, family, and friends, our responsibilities, and how we influence the people in our life. Do we seek to increase our influence on people we know and do not know? Do we desire to seek new goals in life? What do we want to achieve in our life?

Seek higher ground!

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