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I always enjoyed going early before a night game at Candlestick Park. It was relaxing to watch batting practice and watch as the stadium lights started to take their effect lighting the field. The winds were more calm that later in the night.

The Aspen glow from the sky along with the stadium lights created a nice even glow on the field and the stadium. My wife asked me what is the Aspen glow. It is defined as the glow on the mountaintop at dawn and dusk. But in my opinion, I also see this glow in Candlestick Park. This twilight made the colors on the field and in the chairs seem to be deeper and richer in tone.

What makes you glow? My photography experience at Candlestick Park made me glow. My photos from the Stick show my perspective of stadium art. Roaming around Candlestick Park allowed me to see the stadium differently. I appreciated the architecture of the structure. I loved the retired players discs on the fields. I loved the lights on the centerfield scoreboard. Candlestick Park brought out the artist in me.

It taught me how to look for the art in a place I loved – Candlestick Park.