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I was in the (Bleacher Seat) area at the General Reserve Area at Candlestick Park on a clear afternoon for a day game in 1988. I took this photograph in front of the big center field TV camera. Being up at an angle does provided a good view of the entire field.

It is a good strategy to take photographs where the TV cameras are located at any stadium. The cameras are positioned at good spots for a good reason.

This also was a perfect day at Candlestick Park. No clouds were in the sky. I probably took this photo around noon before an SF Giants day game. The sky was perfectly blue. The lighting was perfect.

Position and timing to get perfect light and conditions are key to taking a good photo. The same could be said about life. Being at the right place at the right time is a nice thing. For example, my wife got her present job at the right time to be able to earn our lifetime medical benefits upon retirement with a minimal 10 years of working. She happened to be at the right job at the right time before the benefit was taken away.

Looking for good opportunities can be key in being at the right place at the right time. Nobody has a magic ball to tell what tomorrow will be. When my wife had to find a new job, it turned out to be beneficial for both us which was very fortuitous. It paved the way to be a little adventurous to share my photographs via this blog and with an Etsy store.

We are still searching for opportunities and learning to see how we can position ourselves on this journey to share our photographs, and how to inspire others in their life journeys with pictures.

Photos Inspire!