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Everyone loves the iconic red and orange seats from Candlestick Park. Whether you prefer red or orange, you can purchase the stadium seat from $599.99 to $689.99. I actually purchased just the seat portion and not the whole chair for a reasonable price. It would take a miracle for my wife to allow me to ever purchase the whole chair.

Since I cannot actually own one of these old chairs, I’m so glad I can sit on one in Oracle Park. It is so cool we can visit these stadium chairs behind the Centerfield Scoreboard at Oracle Park. The chairs are a little aged and old. But are still functional and bring back good memories.

These chairs are one of the few mementos left from the Stick. Many of us share good memories from watching the SF Giants and the 49ers at this stadium. We spent precious moments with friends and family enjoying baseball and football. It is important to preserve these warm feelings to remind us of our past.

Thank you Oracle Park for keeping these old chairs to remind us about our times at The Stick.

I love my old stadium pictures of these chairs. I love how they glowed with the sun shining on the bright colors. The warm glow made them look even more special.

We need to see and keep the old photographs from the past to remind us where we came from. The pictures remind me of the person I was when I first started shooting photographs.

Think about your good memories when you attended sporting events at Candlestick Park. Who were you then? And how have you changed and grown to be who you are today? Are you happy with who you are today compared to the person of your past?

Keep the good memories from Candlestick Park!