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I took some pictures back in the late 1980’s with my 35mm Canon film camera. I used high speed Kodak 35mm T-Max 3200 black and white film. This type of film produces fairly big grain in the pictures. I processed the film myself in my darkroom. I no longer have the darkroom, but scanned the negatives with my Epson flatbed scanner.

I took this picture from the Upper Box section down the first base line at Candlestick Park during batting practice at a SF Giants game. It was cool to see the reflection of the playing field on the top windows of the Luxury Box section just below.

Using window or other objects which show a reflection add another dimension to ones photographs. Span a perspective scene to see what you can shoot to add an interesting view. Look for any shiny surface where you can catch an interesting reflection.

Reflections remind me about how we look at own reflections to see either our flaws or attributes. Often we are more concerned with our flaws instead of our good features. A reflection can show off a scene favorably.

So can we be less critical about our reflection and appreciate who we are?