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Being at Candlestick Park in the afternoon was a treat when there was sunshine and not fog. There was excitement in the air, since we were waiting for Game 4 of National League Championship Series with the SF Giants playing. We can see the fans are slowly filling up the stadium

I love the striped fields with the plaid pattern behind home plate. I noticed that this pattern is much less pronounced at Oracle Park. It would be cool if the Grounds Crew spelled out SF Giants on the field at Oracle Park for a special occasion.

Do you ever imagine crazy ideas and dismiss them thinking they are dumb. As I was writing this post and imagining field patterns at Candlestick Park, I was realizing how we need to relax and spend time daydreaming ideas. Do we allow ourselves the luxury to dream?

When I started roaming around the Stick, I never dreamed this stadium would be gone one day. I had the best time of my life looking for my art before watching the SF Giants play baseball. I never imagined that I would even share my photographs in any way like I am doing today.

My attitude is not always very optimistic. I do not like being disappointed, which is why I am more cautious with my dreaming. We do need to “let it go” and dream. I’m sure there are many successful individuals who were not afraid to dream and “go for it”. This is a lesson I am trying to learn.

If you have seen any other interesting field patterns, please share with me.

Hope this photograph encourages you to dream your own “Field of Dreams” and let your imagine go wild!

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