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The SF Giants played the Montreal Expos (Now the Washington Nationals) in 1988 at Candlestick Park. I took this picture from the back of the lower reserved area behind home plate.

We can see this was not a good year for the SF Giants, since we can see the upper deck and center field seats are empty. Often times there were lots of empty seats during the weeknight games.

Notice also the red glow due to the incandescent lighting over the people in front of me in the photograph.  This lighting accentuates the vintage appearance to this photograph.

The fans who are willing to attend a weeknight game are special and important. It shows their desire to be faithful to their team even when the SF Giants were not performing well. These fans are willing to be an encouragement to the players who are stressed about their ability to score to get a winning game.

It is a good lesson about loyalty to a family, spouse, friend or any association entity group. How faithful are we to stick with someone thru good and bad times. When our relationships get difficult, are we willing to endure and find resolutions to situations. Often times, we prefer an easy way out and leave to avoid difficult times. We need to be available to those who are important to our life. Do your loved ones know they can count on you when they are in need? Do we find ways to serve and help even when we are not asked specifically.

I have been a loyal SF Giants fans since my days of shooting pictures at the Stick. I was depressed in their bad years. I was super excited when they achieved their great triumphs and victories. Their championship wins were even more exciting since I (like many other fans) waited patiently many years.

Whether you are a faithful SF Giants fan like me is not as important as answering the following question — Are you as loyal and faithful to take care of the important people in your life?

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