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I arrived early to attend an evening SF Giants Game at Candlestick Park. It was nice to go earlier to watch batting practice in the late afternoon and relax by shooting photos at the Stick.

Notice the late afternoon sun created a flare at the upper portion of this photo. This occurs with sun’s light and reflection from the camera’s lens. We often would want to minimize this effect to not obstruct your photograph. Or you could use this effect to accentuate an aspect of your picture.

I took this photograph about 25 years ago. Today we can buy lenses that can help minimize the sun’s flare in our photographs.

Light is always important when we take pictures. But we need to be aware of the effects of the sun with the surroundings of the picture as well as the reflection from our lenses.

Just as we need good lighting and reduction of flare to get a good clear picture, we need “good lighting” to see ourselves.

I am thankful to celebrate a new year and am looking forward to continuing my quest to achieve my goals. It is hard to look at ourselves to see the reality of our strengths and weaknesses. Reality is sometimes hard to face. We can be blind to our personal reality especially in seeing our weaknesses.

I hope I can get “good lighting” from my personal reflections as well as from family and friends to have a good look at my life’s reality. I hope to reduce the “flare”effect, so I can see reality to improve in 2020!

Here’s wishing you a great 2020! My Candlestick Park photographs have always been a great inspiration to me in so many ways. Hope you can find photos to inspire and reveal reality in your life.