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The fans were getting ready for the SF Giants Opening night game on April 15, 1991. This was before the game started as the stadium crew were getting ready for the pregame fireworks show.

It is always fun to attend a SF Giants Opening game. I cannot say I attended an opening game every year. But it is an exciting time to anticipate the beginning of a new season and the possibilities of victory.

This game was particularly exciting since it was against the Dodgers. You can see in the  photo how the seats were filling up with hopeful fans. Unfortunately, the SF Giants did not get a win that night.

Despite the outcome of the game, fans remember the good times they spent together with family and friends watching either baseball or football.

Even though, there were many games when the SF Giants did not do well, somehow we do not talk as much about the defeats. Instead we reminisce about the relationships we built as we spent time together at the Stick.

Candlestick Park taught us the importance of spending time together to create good memories. We get too busy with work, chores, and just life.

Prioritize to find a way to spend time with those you deem important. Don’t allow our excuses to prevent gathering with friends and family. Find a way to build stronger relationships in 2020.

Photos Inspire me to remember my good memories at Candlestick Park!

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