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It was a great game with a full house on Fuji Photo Day at Candlestick Park on Saturday, May 14, 1988. The Giants defeated the Mets 3-2 with Mike Krukow getting the win. The weather was fantastic this day with sunshine and a light breeze.

I took this picture so long ago that there were no digital cameras at the time. I used a Canon 35mm camera and shot with Kodachrome transparency film and scanned it. I am glad the image and colors held up over the years on the 35mm transparency.

Candlestick Park was almost like a another home for me to hang out in. It was the first stadium where I could easily go and watch the SF Giants play ball. I did not have to plan way in advance (as I have to do now) to attend a baseball game. I could just walk up to the stadium and buy a ticket.

Candlestick Park welcomed all of us to be a part of the games whether the SF Giants or the 49ers. We all felt comfortable attending games with our family and friends. Yes, the stadium was not perfect and became a little worn and old looking as time progressed. But it was a place where we could relax and enjoy a sports event.

Did you ever go and visit somebody’s home where you did feel comfortable? Or maybe you encounter new people and they make you uncomfortable for some reason? They could be not very friendly, or their personality does not fit with ours.

It is an amicable trait when you meet someone who is genuinely makes you feel at ease and relaxed. This is a good characteristic we each could strive to have.

How can we make others relaxed and at ease?

  • Be relaxed and don’t exhibit stress
  • Smile so others will smile
  • Ask a few questions but listen more
  • Be genuinely interested and empathic to others

Candlestick Park was a the stadium where we could practice these things with each other while having fun watching baseball or football. It helped us relaxed. It made us smile. It allowed us to talk or be quiet. It allowed us to have a good time with our family and friends.

Can we make others comfortable just as Candlestick Park made us comfortable?

Photos remind us of our old feelings!