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I spent about 3 or 4 hours at the Star Wars Exhibition at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose back in 2013 and had a blast viewing and photographing the items on display. I wished I would have spent more time as I felt I was rushing through the exhibit. I have not seen a Star Wars Exhibit of this magnitude since. I wish I could time travel back to 2013 to see this exhibit again and spend multiple days viewing and photographing the items on display.

Why am I so fascinated with the various models from Star Wars?

When I was a boy, I was fortunate to have lots of playmates. We would regularly visit our grandparents and could play with our cousins. So what do little boys do? We enacted different scenarios of shooting and fighting games. My cousins and I are still skilled at making our own gun sounds. We were able to run around to shoot and attack one another. My mother would not allow me to own any toy guns. So we used our imagination to find ways to shoot each other. Of course, there were no fatalities in our world of fighting.

Examining the AA-589 model (which is the designation of the T-65 X-wing star fighter piloted by Luke Skywalker) is a continuation of my love of fictional fighting. My love for fighting vehicles has become more sophisticated with the development the Star Wars’ World of technology.

It is interesting to see how my initial love of saying “Bang Bang” has grown into my interest in examining and shooting photographs of these models.

Examining what we loved as children and seeing how it has changed over time is a good exercise. 

What did you love doing as a child? Have we forgotten about our former self? It also helps us to understand who we are today by remembering what we loved in the past.

Photos help us reflect!