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I still remember watching Star Wars A New Hope for the first time at the Coronet Theater in San Francisco in 1977. The opening scene was absolutely stunning with the  Devastator Imperial Star Destroyer filling up the entire screen, while it chased the Tantive IV Blockade Runner. It blew me away and introduced me to the Star Wars Franchise in a huge way. This got me hooked instantly to the Star Wars Universe.

It is really interesting that the Tantive IV Blockade Runner model was larger than the Star Destroyer model. The Tie Fighter model also looked gigantic next to the Star Destroyer.

Seeing the actual movie filming model of the Star Destroyer was a Star Wars fan’s dream. The entire Star Wars exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose in 2013 was the best Sci-Fi exhibit experience for me.

As I review these old pictures, I am amazed at the detail on the Star Destroyer. As indicated in the the signage for Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer, the fine details were magnified by filming closely to the model. Even though the model was small compared to their other single seat supporting fighter models like the Tie Fighter, their technique of slowly filming up close to give the impression of a large Star Destroyer was most impressive.

3 Lessons about Perspective in shooting objects

  • Reflections can give interesting dimensions to pictures as seen in my photos of the models in the clear cases.
  • Size does not matter, but positioning and proximity does matter. i.e. The Star Destroyer looked much larger due to the proximity and speed of filming the ship. Positioning the different models also gave a different impression of their sizes.
  • Accentuate details of an object to create a different impression. Focusing on the details of your photo’s subject is important to capture. Experiment to see how the details can give another unexpectant dimension to your picture.

Study photos to learn how to improve your skills as a photographer!

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