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This is the menacing Interrogator Droid that was used on Princess Leia by the Galactic Empire on the Death Star. They tried to extract information from her that would uncover where the Rebel Base was located. Princess Leia was strong and was able to resist the droid and did not reveal the Secret Rebel Base location.

It is interesting how this Interrogator Droid could inject drugs to its victim to lesson pain tolerance and block mental resistance. It could also use hallucinogens and truth serums to influence victims. The interrogator Droid could torture by taking advantage of the prisoner’s mental and physical weaknesses with its sonic torture, electroshock device, laser scalpel, power shears, and grasping claw.

How did Princess Leia survive? Only a small minority of individuals with a strong will could resist its torture. Princess Leia was strong-willed, but I assume the power of the Force also helped her to endure this torture and not give into the Interrogator Droid’s torture.

Even though I know this droid is not real, I still find it very intimidating. As I read about the Interrogator Droid’s capabilities, it sounds pretty scary.

Staring at the different torture appenditures makes the Droid seem real.

But in reality, it is just a really cool model with no powers.

How often do we feel intimidated by people, challenges, or objects? It is interesting to question whatever intimidates us is really as bad as we envision.

When I was a young boy, my cousin owned a big fluffy white Samoyed dog. It was a friendly dog who enjoyed jumping on people. That dog intimidated me with his jumping. I was not accustomed to dogs yet. But as I grew older, I learned to love this dog. The dog was not dangerous or a threat to me. The dog was just seeking attention and affection. So ironically, my initial feelings of being intimidated by this dog took a 180 degree turn.

Consider something or someone who intimidates you – is it a genuine concern or can your feelings take a 180 turn?

Can we be like Princess Leia who resisted the intimidation and the power of Interrogator Droid – and resist our personal intimidation problem with God’s Help?

Is your intimidation a reality or only your personal reality?

If we can conquer an intimidation, then we can experience “A New Hope”.

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