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I took this picture last year on 5/24/2019 with the original outfield dimensions and with the bullpens on the field. I am looking forward to going out to Oracle park to see the new layout with the bullpens beyond the Center field fence.

The bullpens are now located in the Center field area to be safer. The area is rearranged in the Giants Garden and in the seating area to make room for the bullpens. It is safer for the bullpens not to be so close to the action and to prevent any accidents. It was an error in the design of this ballpark in placing the bullpens on the field.

Designing a space can be fun. Yes mistakes and errors can happen. Most of us deem remodeling a house as a daunting task. Depending on the scope of a job, it can be a nightmare. But creating a space into a place of comfort and pleasure is worth the work.

I had a project to remodel a flat. The kitchen and bathrooms had to be redone. The wood floors were refinished. A new heater was installed. I replaced a few light fixtures. I prefer to be hands-on when it comes to managing and purchasing the different objects for the project. It is essential finding the right contractor for the job. The finished flat was worth the work. I even received a compliment on the job and design from an interior designer.

Most of us do not need to do complete change of our space. But a change for safety as in the old Oracle Park or just a change of scenery is a good thing to help us feel comfortable in our office, bedroom, apartment, or office. Our space should reflect our identity.

So if you are a SF Giants fan like me, how about adding a photograph of the old Oracle Park to your scenery to remember the good times watching baseball?

Photos can change our space!