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The SF Giants played the NY Mets on this warm sunny day on Saturday, May 14, 1988 at Candlestick Park. It was a popular promotion day, Fuji Photo Day, which allowed fans to go on the field before the game started.

I loved going to the Fuji Photo Days at Candlestick Park. It was one of my favorite promotions, since fans were allowed to walk on the well groomed field before the game began. I love the feeling of walking on the grass. It is a different sensation for me to walk on the baseball field compared to walking on ordinary grass.

This also was a rare day to attend a game with sunshine at the Stick. Normally, it was cold and foggy whenever I attended a SF Giants game. But this day was a warm and bright day.

It is wonderful that the stadium is filled with fans. Seeing a stadium with every seat occupied creates great energy and excitement.

One reason why I enjoyed going to Candlestick Park a couple of hours before a game is to have the freedom to shoot pictures without the huge crowds of people. I do not enjoy crowds. Crowds make me feel uncomfortable. I end up giving the right of way to people who are cutting in front of me as they are walking to their destinations. My wife can easily and quickly weave her way thru a crowd. She will stop to look back to see where I am behind her as I allow others to go in front of me.

Seeing all fans seated and excited about watching the game is the best scenario of a crowd for me. But of course, the time will come when everyone has to get up and go home. That event is what makes me uneasy.

As I reflect about my feelings whenever I am in a crowd, I realize my yielding to people in a crowd is ok as long as I can control my emotions. I do not need to be on any particular time schedule.  I do not have to be ahead of everyone.

Yielding to other people in life is a good thing.

Do I have to be the first in everything? Am I putting unnecessary stress by striving with other people.

Is it really that important for me to have everything my own way?

Burger King had an old commercial with their song “Have It Your Way”. Do you remember this old song? Refresh your memory by clicking on the below link.

Being in a “Full House” teaches us we do not always need to “Have It Our Way” Learn to yield and let others “Have it Their Way”.

Photos Teach!

Burger King – YouTube – Have It Your Way