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I took some pictures down at the Field Level Box seats near Home Plate at batting practice before a night SF Giants game. This was a typical cool evening at “The Stick”. The night games in the summer were a good way to test out your cold winter jackets or parkas.

It is pretty amusing to see Bay Area folks wearing a ski cap and a heavy jacket in the middle of our summer. San Franciscans typically can wear a thick warm jacket all year round.  Candlestick Park was also quite cold being near the water. It was usually foggy and damp during a typical evening game.

I love the San Francisco foggy weather, since I am naturally warm. So I never feel too hot with our natural fog air conditioning.  I mostly wear short sleeves, since I would be too warm with long sleeves.

It is funny when we see tourists visiting expecting the myth of California sunshine. They are dressed in their summer shorts with no jacket and are freezing during their vacation in San Francisco.

A True San Franciscan needs to own a down jacket to survive the fog. In the photograph, you can see how these SF Giants fans are prepared for a cold evening as they watch the baseball game.

A good photograph reminds us about the details of that moment. We remember the good times shared even though we were freezing sitting at Candlestick Park. Oracle Park was built to be warmer to improve the fans’ night time experiences watching the SF Giants. Our love for the SF Giants allowed us to endure the cold of Candlestick Park.

What are we willing to endure for “LOVE”? Enduring the cold damp weather at Candlestick Park, because many of us loved to watch the SF Giants, was a willing sacrifice.

Are you willing to sacrifice time and effort to pursue a dream? Facing a risk and the challenge of working to achieve a goal is scary. It takes dedication to pursue a dream!

Are you willing to sacrifice time and effort to care for a loved one? It’s amazing how some move away from home and neglect the parents they left. It is easy to be caught up in your own life and be oblivious about the condition of an aging parent.

Are you willing to sacrifice time and effort to help someone you do not know? This is something we all are challenged with.

It is easy to sacrifice to do something fun – i.e. attend a SF Giants game in the cold. But it is harder to sacrifice when it involves hard work and lots of time.

Hard Work and Sacrifice results in future blessings. So consider what you should sacrifice for someone else or for a worthy goal.

Photos Teach!