Like most people, I love food. Since we are all staying mostly indoors, why not find ways to enjoy our time together? In our old life, we can be too busy to sit down and eat a meal together. Our family enjoys talking and watching TV as we eat dinner. We discuss the news and what happened during the day. We relax and enjoy each others company around the dinner table.

We can be impulsive about our food. We cook food based on our cravings and what we find in the grocery store. We enjoy looking for bargains in our food shopping. We generally shop at Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Grocery Outlet.

Our bargain of the week was finding the pre-made pizza crust for 99 cents at Grocery Outlet. We cook based on bargains found, cravings, and available food.

My wife is creative in putting together our food. We try to eat healthy, but we want to have fun too. Remaking leftovers is a fun challenge.

Pizza is one of my favorites. This is a garlic brussel sprouts and ham pizza. We did buy the crust, but made our own topping with leftovers. The fresh garlic gave the pizza a great zing in flavor. We did not use any tomato sauce. The flavors of the ingredients came together perfectly, so we did not miss the tomato factor.

Our friends have been texting us more, since we are not seeing each other for a while. After making our pizza, we still wanted to share our tempting pizza with our friends.

My wife tried to take the photo with her Pixel 3 camera. She tried to get up close to take her pizza picture and focused to get  the shot with the blue background. The second picture has a dark shadow due to her positioning in front of the pizza. She was so focused on the pizza, that she forgot she was casting a shadow.

I took the other 2 pictures standing on the left side of the pizza to not cast any shadow on the pizza.

Sometimes we can get so excited about taking a picture, we do not notice we could be disrupting the picture by our positioning.

Just as we need to focus our cameras on the object for our picture, we also should be focused on our position before an object.

We do not want to obstruct the image with our own shadow. This happens when we are focusing downward for our photo.

During our time at home, why not share more pictures of our moments at home? Capture the fun moments at home and share them with your friends.

Try to create new food for your meals. Look online for new cooking inspirations. My wife found there are videos from the Food Network which make it easy to cook something new!  Michael Symon gives great recipes which are practical and fun!

Food Network Kitchen

Improve your photographic skills as you take more pictures to share. Share Your Great Looking Food Photos to inspire your friends to cook too. 

Photos Inspire!