So why is a photographer growing Sky/Dwarf Lupine in the backyard? All of us can wear “multiple hats”. One of my results from a Career evaluation revealed I could be a farmer. Thus it is true I do enjoy growing things.

We have a neighbor with a towering pine tree which has grown up as high as our building – 3 stories. This tree annually will grow onto yard and against our building. Unfortunately, our neighbor is not proactive to trim this tree.

So we hired a gardener to trim the tree. We decided we needed to clean up the weeds etc. in our yard.

Wishing to maintain the weed free garden, my wife suggested we should grow drought resistant plants. Then I started pondering how to create a garden to attract birds and butterflies to photograph.

One side of the yard has good sun and the other side has little sun. With the different areas of varying sun exposure has been a challenge in selecting plants. I feel putting together the different plants is like being an artist creating a painting with different colors and textures.

So I studied and looked for plants to create color and an environment that hopefully I can use to photograph in safety. (In case you do not know, I was mugged at Candlestick Park during the demolition – you can look at the story on this blog).

So one of my choices is this Sky/Dwarf Lupine – which will hopefully grow to be these pretty lavender plants.

Pictures of Sky/Dwarf Lupine

Hope you will follow my progress as I strive to create my own environment for my photography.

Consider how you can add “more hats” to your repertoire of abilities and talents. This is my first attempt to try to landscape a garden.

It is never too late in your life to try on a new hat. It could fit better than you imagine. I am hoping for a good fit as I try to wear a gardener’s hat.

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