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I am trying to grow these seedlings for Sky/Dwarf Lupine in my garden. This is my first attempt to create an oasis where I can shoot photographs.

Since I am protective over my new plants, I am watching their progress. Well I noticed there was something nibbling these little plants. Fortunately, I remembered an idea to protect these plants from being eatened.

I purchased this netting which I propped above the plants to prevent the critter(s) from snacking on the plants.

The rains came to naturally water these young plants. The drops on the netting look like beads on a string. I photographed this with my Pixel 3XL. It is pretty amazing the photos we can take with our cellphones.

It did take time for me to figure out how I should protect my plants to give them a chance to grow. I spent time to plan and place the netting over the plants. I did not realize I would have to protect these plants considering I live in San Francisco and not in the countryside.

Even though the protective netting was not intended to be pretty, the beaded rain gave a pretty up close look at this young garden.

Often times, we do not like to do the effort to obtain protection.

Recently, we are seeking protection by wearing masks in hopes of preventing further infection of the coronavirus. My wife made a cloth mask to wear when we go grocery shopping. I dug out an old mask from the garage. Wearing a mask is a little stifling. It is a little stuffy. It makes us warm.

But we need this protection. People are making fun masks to wear! There are designer masks now. Be pretty and protected in a fun mask!

Our people need to survive to grow and find a cure and vaccine to protect us.

Keep Protected! Keep Safe!

Photos are good reminders!