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Today is Good Friday – April 10, 2020, as we experience the trials and tragedies of the spread of the coronavirus.

The cross is the symbol of sacrifice. This cross in the photograph is on Mount Davidson in San Francisco. This park is located at the highest peak in the city.

I went up to the cross a few years ago to shoot photographs for my Pastor to display at church. My photographs examine every angle of the cross. As I review my pictures of the cross, it causes me to examine my thoughts about sacrifice.

It is not a coincidence we are witnessing many examples of sacrifice today, as we celebrate Good Friday – the day of Christ’s sacrifice.

Medical professionals, law enforcement officers, fire & emergency workers, store clerks, and delivery people are sacrificing their lives during this crisis. Many are becoming sick and do not survive.

In my own family of in-laws, there is a pulmonary doctor who is very likely to contract the virus. We are praying he will survive.

Families are sacrificing by staying away from family to avoid infection.

See below link which is a story from the Today Show

ER nurse’s post of sacrifice

Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is the ultimate gift for all of us. As we witness the people’s sacrifices to help heal those with the Coronavirus and provide for the various needs due to this crisis, we are blessed with triumphs and mourn for the losses. Individuals are recovering and can look forward to a future because of others’ sacrifices.

Jesus Christ’s sacrifice not only gives us grace for this life now, but provides the promise of Heaven in the future with His redeeming power over our sin.

We appreciate and am thankful for the many individuals who are currently sacrificing their lives, so that others can recover and be healed. We thank the many who are providing food to those who lost jobs and are running out of finances.

Consider what the Cross means to you.

With all the bad things in the world today, can we ponder the events of “Good Friday”?

Can we consider the “Good” Christ gives us with his ultimate sacrifice? He can give each of us “Hope” in the midst of the crisis in today’s world.

Notice two of my Cross pictures are shot from the bottom looking upwards to see the light and the blue horizon.

I look up at the cross and see Christ’s light to open my eyes to His infinite possibilities for my future in His Care.

What do you see when you look at the Cross?

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