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A few years ago, I bought an improved Meyer lemon dwarf tree and planted in my backyard. I always loved lemons. It does not matter what kind of lemon. I am fond of all types of lemons. But I do have a favorite. It is the Meyer lemon. Most lemons have a sour lemon taste. The Meyer lemon has a pure lemon taste with a slight tart flavor.

I wanted to grow a tree with great tasting lemons. Every year, the tree produces more lemons. The tree probably has over a dozen lemons with more buds appearing.

I love this tree since it is a dwarf. I do not have to worry about the tree growing super tall. The tree is the perfect tree giving me sweet lemons and is the perfect size.

Plus my wife has used the lemons to make the best lemon cheesecake, cupcakes and pound cake. Of course, she does not frequently bake for me since she wants me to keep healthy.

Lemons have a bad reputation. Most people associate lemons as being sour. A typical lemon needs sugar to compensate for the sour flavor. The lemon adjective refers to an object which consistently does not work correctly. i.e. a lemon car.

Many may consider we are living in a “lemon” scenario. In California, we have been mostly staying home for about 32 days. We live with apprehension of getting infected with the coronavirus. We go to the supermarket wearing our masks and gloves. We do not know how long this new lemon life will last. We grieve over the loss of the many infect individuals. We sympathize and are grateful for the many who sacrificially serve and work as essential individuals.

But living our lemon life reminds me to appreciate my family and friends. It seems I am spending more time texting, emailing or doing online video chats with a large number of people.

In the midst of a difficult and desperate situation in all of our lives, I am learning to love the sweetness of a lemon.

Lemons teach us to appreciate the sweet and sour aspects of life.

Without the sour experiences, sweetness can be a wonderful blessing.

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